Environ controls takes the mystique out of BMS. Through sensible design and forward planning, intuitive and discreet climate control is guaranteed in all heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems.

Until recently, home heating had always been controlled using basic time-clocks and thermostats. These mature technologies are well-understood and have remained virtually unchanged for decades.

Smart Control

People’s expectations of BMS systems have increased and with this the technology to deliver innovative and intelligent products has developed, leading to smart controls for the home.

Within this context, fifty year old technology is rightly perceived as out-dated, energy wasteful and inadequate. Environ’s smart control systems offer an alternative, intelligent solution to integrate and control these new technologies. This gives you convenience, comfort and improved efficiency.


Environ Controls strive to install compact space efficient systems that maximize space usable for other trades and storage. Our teams of installers will take care of first fix, second fix and commissioning to ensure that installed mechanical systems are controlled perfectly all of the time. All of our installation engineers are mechanically and electrically trained to ensure seamless integration into all aspects of mechanical and electrical plant.


Heating and cooling are critical systems within any built environment. As such, our comprehensive maintenance cover ensures minimal down time. All of our installations are fitted with remote access and monitoring to ensure that we know of any problems before you do. Our fully trained maintenance engineers can ensure that we have your heating and cooling systems back up and running with the minimum of inconvenience.