Highgate, London



18 Luxury Apartments and Central Plant
Control of underfloor heating and AC in each apartment
Control of boiler and associated plant in each apartment
Metering and monitoring of energy usage in each apartment
Central landlords control of all landlords plant including pool, CHP, GSHP, DHWS, Boiler plant


The brief for this project was to deliver unified single set point control for each zone of heating and cooling within each of the 18 apartments. The brief also extended to energy usage monitoring and metering together with central reporting to a concierge station. Each flat had a Crestron control system into which the heating and cooling controls were integrated. Main landlords plant was a standalone system linked to the apartments simply for integration of energy usage metering and reporting. The project was designed using KNX controls for the apartments and Siemens Synco 700 for the landlords plant.