Before we even pick up a pencil, we gain a full understanding of what our clients need from the technology in their home. We visit the property to conduct a full survey and see what is wanted from each room. We also listen carefully to any constraints, be it a listed building or limited budget.

When we have a good understanding of the requirements, our designers work up a Products & Services specification pack. This includes an outline of our proposed solution, summary budget and annotated floor plans. These visualise exactly what we’re proposing – we take the time to ensure our clients are completely happy with this before we start work.

After the Products & Services pack is agreed, we’ll also work up a few documents for the Professional Team – this includes a cable schedule, equipment specification and associated installation methodology and schematic.


Our installations have four stages:

First Fix: Setting out the ceilings and joinery as well as installing and testing of all required cabling.

Second Fix: Installation of all face plates (sockets, terminations), centralised equipment and bracketing.

Final Fit: In this last stage, we install, commission and program all of the front end equipment (TV’s, speakers etc). This stage can only happen when we have a dust free environment to work in.

Client Handover: We don’t leave until our clients are completely happy with the standard of the installation. We explain how everything works, so it can be enjoyed from day one. We frequently find that specifications evolve along the way, so we supply updated annotated plans in the final handover. These can be a valuable asset when it comes to selling or renovating a property.


We have a dedicated after care maintenance team who work around the clock to support our clients ongoing technology needs.

For the year after the final handover, all clients benefit from our maintenance package.

Preventative maintenance. We visit twice over the year to ensure everything is working and calibrated correctly.

Reactive maintenance. In case any queries or problems arise with any of the equipment, we provide a dedicated support number and maintenance manager. We provide industry leading response times to customer calls.

Cover can be extended past the first year on request.