Listening to music on our systems will feel like you’re rediscovering your entire collection. Environ integrates the highest quality hardware and the latest software so it can be enjoyed anywhere in your home or homes.

The choice and placement of speakers is often critical in homes. Integration into listed buildings and specific design schemes is as important as good acoustic performance.

Multi-room audio

Multi-room audio systems give complete control of music wherever you are in your house. Synchronise in every room, or play different songs in different rooms.


We have relationships with the highest quality manufacturers in the business. This means that we have access to top of the range products, and a breadth of choice inaccessible to most.

Surround Sound

Barn conversion or city penthouse, we can design the correct configuration of speakers for the space to ensure you enjoy music and film at its best.

Integrating the latest technology such as Dolby Atmos fills every dimension of the room with sound.

Content Management Systems

All of your music at your fingertips – browse your collection or find something new on Spotify. Play what you like, where you like and whenever you want to.